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  • EDM Producer

  • Next upcoming release - 15 Years

Mathias Bartoll

Welcome to the official site of Mathias Bartoll.
Listen to my latest tracks and in a near future I will also publish some of my early tracks from the 90's.

EDM Producer

My songs are characterized by uplifting melodies and nice chord progressions.

In the beginning

I started making music in the late 80's. In 2000 the "Space Force One" track was on the album "Synthesizer Dance Volume 3" together with twelve other great songs from various artists. The CD was produced by Humphrey Robertson and published by Hypersound Productions

Now and the future

15 years after the latest release I'm back with a new studio and new tracks in the making. The upcoming track called "15 years" are mastered and the release is set to spring 2015.


The next upcoming release called "15 Years" will be out in spring 2015.

Studio equipment

  • Intel Core i7 4790, Windows 8.1


  • Yamaha HS8


  • Novation Impulse 61

    MIDI keyboard

  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2


  • FL Studio


  • Reveal Sound Spire and more