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Cite On this Website you can download all my published work. There are new mp3 releases and also my older collection of songs in xm and mod format. In the development section you will find programming examples in different environments and languages such as; .NET and CSharp.


[January 4, 2006] Added a new picture to the gallery and updated my computer park. The netStorm project netStorm Solutions are being upgraded to ASP.NET 2.0. More info on the project will come.

[February 17, 2005] A new ASP.NET Web application is released demonstrating the DataGrid control. It also shows how usercontrols dynamically can be loaded into the webpage. The application is build upon an object oriented design with separate layers.

[January 20, 2005] In January 31, I will begin my new job at Prevas as a consultant.


Collection of my songs in mp3, xm and mod format.

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Programming examples in the .NET and COM environment. Different applications in C#, C++, Java and VB.NET + computer science articles.

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